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That will DOUBLE your website revenue, guaranteed.

I want to show you the most direct approach to attaining your digital marketing objectives. This isn't a fly-by-night scheme or some digital mumbo-jumbo rabbit hole. Rather, a math driven concept that demystifies the digital marketing process for business owners and gives you a three step process to doubling website revenue.

The Rule of 26 Ebook - Tips on how to double your website revenue

19 pages of straight to the point insight on how to easily double your

website revenue.

No Gimmicks. No Strings.

Absolutely FREE.

Hi, I am Michael "Buzz" Buzinski. I've been building websites and increasing client's revenues, through digital marketing, since 1999. Over the years, my agency leveraged the power of digital marketing and transformed the profitability of hundreds of websites. My methodology has even been recognized by the American Marketing Association as "visionary".


I am on a mission to double the revenue of 1,000 businesses through digital marketing and I am inviting you to be a part of that journey.


This book is the starting point of meeting that goal and the best way to help those struggling with getting more leads and sales from their website. 


I don't want there to be any obstacles to getting this tool into your hands, so I am giving it to you absolutely free. After you read it, I would love to get your feedback, which I will use to continue to make this book increasingly impactful for future readers.


Below is some recent feedback I have already received.

It helped me understand what’s truly important to focus on when it comes to my website.


It’s a needed book if you’re serious about increasing your business through your website.  


Michelle Traina

Business Owner

I enjoy the concept of The Rule of 26 and find it to be straightforward and easy enough for any entrepreneur to understand. Breaking down each metric into bite sized pieces makes it easy for the reader to understand the road map and where to start. 


Whitney DeBerry

Content Marketer

I cannot believe how simple the Rule of 26 really is. The math checks out and I will be immediately implementing the Rule of 26 into my business. The book was easy to read and I thought it offered a lot of value-packed strategies.


Aaron Contrall

Business Owner

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